Save Cowdale Quarry group members have discovered new information about what the developers propose for the quarry.

The Operations Director in charge of two local Buxton quarries told campaigners that quarry equipment contractors have been asked to quote for a 5 year programme of spoil heap excavation and aggregate extraction. According to the senior manager, the mining process will involve stripping off all topsoil from the quarry floor and replacing it with waste from the spoil heaps. The aggregate extracted will then be sold off.

The spoil heaps, together with a new roadway, contain 1.75 million tons of material to be dug out and processed and could earn the developer around £12million. Clearly, in spite of what the developers say, there will be no access to the quarry by climbers or anyone else for 5 years at least, and what is left will be a desolate wasteland until it is built upon – if ever.

If they extract 250,000 tons per year and cart it off-site this means 80 HGV movements per day, every working day for 5 years.